A Trollope’s Progress

And that doesn’t mean what you think it means – just trying to be provocative! I’ve been reading Anthony Trollope’s the Eustace Diamonds.  I must say it’s rather slow going, but I do so love his insights into human behaviour.  You know, he spent his career, after an undistinguished stint in the calvary, as a postal inspector – from whence he probably developed an infatuation with the epistolary format.

He wrote for money, not unlike Dickens. so he wrote to a schedule – providing a rather admirable example for those desultory academics who while away their time waiting to be visited by muses.

In any case, the true beauty of Trollope is his use of language – there are more wondrous words in a chapter of Trollope than in a month of web pages.


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Art historian, professor, Italian Renaissance and Baroque specialist, Italophile
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